Have you ever felt that your government, or any government for that matter, isn’t doing its best? Have you felt frustrated at the lack of competence demonstrated by elected officials? Do you have suggestions for improving or reinventing government? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this blog is for you.

This site was created with the purpose of providing a forum for political philosophers, both expert and novice alike, to announce their ideas/suggestions to the internet and to engage in debates in the hope that through advice and reasoning, a “near-perfect” government may be formed.

There are multiple unique pages covering various aspects of government. Keep in mind that the government alluded to is a theoretical government, not any one country’s, per se. Imagine that this blog is the blueprint for creating the first government on Mars. What would the “perfect” government be and how would it be achieved? By approaching the discussions this way, I hope that there will be no partisan or foreign biases, allowing for a more productive debate in each topic.

I am open for any constructive criticism, therefore do not be afraid to contact me with any suggestions you may have for the site. Thanks and enjoy.