Governs Least

If it follows that the government that governs least governs best, then the government that doesn’t govern at all governs best of all. The only government that doesn’t govern at all is the one that doesn’t exist.

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7 Comments on “Governs Least”

  1. rafael.fa Says:

    How can I post my idea for a perfect government? In a comment?
    By the way, I found this site thanks to “Political Forum”

    • gregw89 Says:

      Thank you for your input. The idea is not that one post their entire idea for a perfect government in one comment, but instead comment on the parts of the government that matter most to them. Through debating each topic, the goal is that the best ideas from each issue are combined to ultimately form the perfect government.

  2. danielg92 Says:

    The problem I see with an anarchist “state” (by state, I mean territory or region) is the issue of maintaining law and order.

    It is conceivable that individuals could maintain property rights by forming dispute and resolution organizations and if necessary use force against those who infringe on property rights.

    The issue arises when an individual is not strong enough to protect his property against intruders. To resolve this, individuals will coalesce into larger and larger groups so they can coerce those who are apt to violate property rights into respecting them.

    Unfortunately, with this power to enforce property rights that ultimately comes from the barrel of the gun comes the ability of one group to violate the property rights of weaker groups, thus rendering the system of anarchy more oppressive than government.

    Anarchy sets the precedent where complete slavery is possible. True, the rule of government makes us slaves in that it violates our property rights when it collects taxes, but as a citizen of a republic, I have the ability to exercise more control over my master through the ballot.

  3. Governs Least: Logical. And also extreme.
    Too much or too little – are these the only choices?

    Lao Tzu (Tao te Ching) said, “For governing a country well there is nothing better than moderation. The mark of a moderate man is freedom from his own ideas.”

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