Dynamic Government

What is perfect for me today may not be perfect when a new situation arises. Let’s say I live in my perfect city, one day, someone kills someone else, half the people want to do one thing the other half want to do another, what happens now? Government has to be dynamic, which is one reason many people look at government as bad, because no matter what happens, someone HAS to be unhappy.

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2 Comments on “Dynamic Government”

  1. John Gelles Says:

    “Government” is a word. It is also a thing.

    Too many people believe, like the “tea party” types, that there is such THING as an ALTERNATIVE to “government”that they call “no-government” or “less-government”.

    In my opinion, such types of people, with their “don’t tread on me” flag, are the first to create government power to DO whatever they want done! Like make people give up their freedom in favor of conforming to the garbage dictates of the “tea party”:

    1. no help for the poor — while the rich and those IN power steal everyone blind.

    2. no freedom of independent thought by the well informed, while the ignorant party in power perpetuates its ignorance.

    3. no police on duty while the ignorant types with guns dream they can have their way with a rifle held in their hands against disciplined troops with tanks, planes, men of war, and WMD’s.

    4. in other words: “no government” was never an option–you either have the best government you can develop with hard work, compromise and knowledge of history or you will have the worst there is imposed by ignorant unorganized loner nuts. It used to be called ANARCHISM.

    • gregw89 Says:

      I share your view of the possibilities and consequences of different types of government. Those who insist in minimal government seem to ignore the fact that in that system, corruption flourishes, creating quite a gap between the elite wealthy and the helpless poor.

      Government is a necessity and therefore should be systematically improved, rather than condemned. It does no good to argue over how much government there should be, there should only be a discussion on the best system of government to use that provides the best standard of living for all of its citizens.

      With the extremely rapid growth in the world population currently, we must devise a more functional government instead of arguing the same arguments the founders argued in the 18th century. Those days are over and we should realize that by 2050, there will be nine billion people in the world, too much to have a government that just sits around because “tea partiers” want them to.

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