Deserve Better

While the rich get richer, even basic needs such as housing are out of the reach of the majority. At the same time government bureaucracy increasingly infringes on people’s lives making people feel smothered, overworked and bored. This frustration leads to angry and destructive behavior which provides an excuse for even more rules and regulations.

Unfortunately, we see our lives being increasingly pushed to be competitive, violent and stressful, and for many, pointless and deeply unsatisfying. There seems to be no alternative to a life mostly spent trying to make ends meet, in front of a PlayStation or TV, or indulging in alcohol or anti-depressants, broken only by brief holidays. For the better off, travel and immersion in other cultures provides the color and excitement that’s lacking in their own lives. I think people deserve better.

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3 Comments on “Deserve Better”

  1. John Gelles Says:


    As they say, “Get out and smell the roses.”

    If you were to gather strength by recruiting all the pessimists in town, you would have nothing to do. Your mantra is “All is woe.” There is nothing of the pragmatic in your expressed thought.

    Why not assume the very opposite of what you’ve taken to heart. And based on such opposite belief, recruit like-minded activists who would define the problems and offer solutions.

    • John Gelles Says:

      The addressable problem is an absence of persuasive talent by those who would develop a “voice of the people” force to compete with the “money power” for influencing common belief and the “so called” law.

      Why are we short on talent? Because, perhaps, we atre short of theory.

      If some of without much talent–nevertheless–TRY to develop both a theory and actualization of beliefs to compete with the natural advantages of the “money power”, progress might be just around the corner.

      • gregw89 Says:

        I agree, which is why I believe in developing theories that are both feasible and appealing to society. Regarding your advice in the first comment, I must point out that this quote is not an original of mine, but rather I found it on a political forum and thought it appropriate to place on my web site.

        I have decided that as a way to keep my site fresh and interesting, I will continuously lift quotes from either famous figures or random internet users of which I feel are worthy of contemplating and posting them on my site. I am not quite as pessimistic as the person who authored this post, but I can see where he is coming from and felt that his sentiment may ring home for a lot of people.

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