Golden Egg

There is an old story that apologists for Big Business like to tote out every once in a while about not killing the goose that laid the golden egg. In their view, the wealthy and the entrepreneurs need to be coddled so that they will continue to lay the eggs for the rest of us.

The reality is that we are all together that golden goose producing wealth. Privileging the CEO’s, bankers, and entrepreneurs at the expense of everyone else is like the stomach keeping all the food, and letting the rest of the bird die. The real moral: in the end we all rise or fall together.

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2 Comments on “Golden Egg”

  1. All we need do is look to the gulf states to see the
    “golden eggs” Big Business left for the rest of us (compared to the billions in profits BP earned last year) in order to assess how well the Golden Goose theory works (or Fails to work).

  2. Yeah, if they’re the golden goose, they must keep all the golden eggs! We get the brown smelly stuff that flows out of the back of the goose next to the eggs!

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