Every citizen has an equal right to strive for the American Dream. That doesn’t mean they can achieve it readily. Achievement depends on opportunity and opportunity often depends on conditions outside of one’s control, in particular the conditions of one’s birth. We are born naturally equal, but not in social or economic conditions.

It therefore becomes the task of the electorate to decide how to remedy those inequities so that they do not become endemic and permanent. Education and training, attempts to create full employment, access to housing and health care, subsidies to create an affordable food supply, all have been policies tried over the decades here–supported by the compassion and sense of fairness of the American electorate–to spread access to such opportunity for all our people.

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One Comment on “Opportunities”

  1. Adam Says:

    Very true regarding opportunity as sadly it is not readily distributed as we would hope it could be. The world and its people look through glasses with different tints and hues. The fight for civil rights and equality have come far, and the government has taken recognition to a decent extent. However any individual is still limited by the inherent biases that are ever present, regardless of our attempts to be rid of them.

    It is my recommendation that cultural sensitivy in acknowledgement of the diversity we have in this county and others would be a strong foundation. If such knowledge and open-mindedness was instilled into the minds of our youth as they proceed in school, it may even permit for those with very biased parents to overcome the sins of the past so to speak. Of course educating the minds of our youth in such a way only considers the future to come, and much does need to be done today for those who aren’t given a fully equal chance.

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