In a western style system, you want people to believe they are free and marginalize the effects of the freedoms they have on the establishment’s power while using propaganda to channel public opinion.

In a totalitarian regime, if someone stands on a soap box and shouts against the government a quick knock on the head and a trip to jail solves the issue (small scale censorship, but it will be apparent the people aren’t free); where as in a western style regime the propaganda apparatus is such that it doesn’t even matter at all if someone shouts on a soap box as he will be marginal and irrelevant, there’s no need for apparent micromanaged censorship (and people will not be aware they aren’t as free as they think).

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2 Comments on “Censorship”

  1. vtfarmer Says:

    I agree with your distinction between the “mixed economies” of the west and the more totalitarian, more planned economies of the east.

    Frankly, the western model is more frightening to me. In the east, it is easy for all to discern that the state is the enemy of liberty. Not so in the west, where subtleties and lies obscure that fact to most of the citizenry.

    But I must ask… Just what the heck is “a western style population orientation system”

    • gregw89 Says:

      Thank you for your input. I must have jumbled my words as I was editing the sentence. Thank you for pointing that out. I’ll change it to what I meant to say.

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