Food Insurance

I came across an article at Mises Institute where the author discusses the possibility of having food insurance. I have never thought of that concept, but it seems perfectly logical and it may be the way that societies will head towards in the future. It would sure be a huge change to our current method of buying our own groceries, but could this system ever work and it would it be a good thing?

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One Comment on “Food Insurance”

  1. danielg92 Says:

    I read this article the day it was published. It’s meant to illustrate how the U.S. healthcare system is similar to what would happen if we had food insurance. Basically, people would stop discriminating based on prices and buy the most expensive dishes they could find. Food prices overall would rise. Similarly, when employers provide health insurance, people tend to overuse it, and pick doctors without regard for the prices they charge. This causes healthcare costs to rise.

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