Should abortion be legal? If so, at what stage is it too late?


6 Comments on “Abortion”

  1. gregw89 Says:

    I believe abortion should be legal, due to several reasons. First, not everybody is of a faith that disapproves of the procedure, therefore it is a biased policy to enforce one’s religious beliefs on others. Women’s bodies are theirs and fetus’s have not yet developed enough to be considered people, therefore the fetus’s are still part of the women’s bodies, and they should ultimately decide what happens to them. For women who cannot financially or emotionally support their children, for whatever reason, giving birth to a child in that situation would be just as immoral, leaving the child to an undesirable life, creating problems for both the child and possibly society.

  2. ejp90 Says:

    I agree with you. I think that one of the most eloquent, detailed, thoughtful discussions on abortion is from Carl Sagan’s book “Billions and Billions: Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium”. There’s a chapter called Abortion: “Is It Possible to Be Both ‘Pro-Life’ and ‘Pro-Choice'” that really illuminates the issue. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

  3. whitelocust Says:

    Women’s bodies are theirs and fetus’s have not yet developed enough to be considered people, therefore the fetus’s are still part of the women’s bodies, and they should ultimately decide what happens to them. Damn that’s really good way of saying its okay to kill a potential human being because evolution decided that humans incubate their babies inside the female. I wonder if maybe those same women should keep their legs closed so they don’t get impregnated by some loser they meet in the club last night. Wait that would be the responsible thing to do, and we all know no one is responsible for anything they do right? So to pretend it never happened we will destroy the evidence. Low birth rates in whites, oh well, good night western civilization, hello dark ages.

    • gregw89 Says:

      On the contrary, what about the woman who was sitting in her private home and was attacked and raped by some guy with a fetish for destroying women’s lives while raping them? Is she supposed to be forced into having that loser’s baby because other women have been sexually irresponsible? Also, you mention the fetus as though it is a gun. It is the woman’s biological property and does not show evidence of a crime. Also, I’m not sure why you mention low birth rates in whites, as the law would apply to all races.

      • danielg92 Says:

        Let us say that Woman X is raped by Loser Y and Fetus A results. It is just and proper for Y to be forced by law to compensate X with damages both for violating her property (her body) and causing emotional harm. However, A is conceived and must be considered a person with a right to self-ownership. Further, A had no say in the matter of his/her conception and thus can’t be considered an aggressor against X. Therefore any attempt by X to abort A must be considered an act of aggression.

        Regarding the issue of whether a fetus is “human” or not is clearly an issue of whether a not-yet-conscious being has the same rights as a fully conscious human. However, if you bring this notion to its logical conclusion, then it would seem just as moral to abort a fetus as it is to murder someone in his sleep…or to kill anyone not currently conscious who has the prospect of becoming conscious. Therefore, any distinction between fetuses and fully grown humans, as far as natural rights theory goes, is arbitrary.

        I pity the rape victim, but that does not morally justify any act of aggression against the fetus’ right to life.

  4. Hikaru Says:

    Nor You or me has any right to decide the fate of another persons life. no matter your religion we are all but men and no man has the right to decide the fate of another persons existence. if a women chooses to kill her unborn child she does it to preserve her future, and we do not have the right to ruin her life,change her life or decide her fate. no matter what the unborn fetus is not a person. it is an unfinished organism, to kill it is no different than to eat an egg. I’m not saying it is right but i am saying it is for the mother to decide not us. whether or not the child is born does not affect you or me, but it drastically changes the woman’s life. it is not our place to decide someone else’s life, we are only human.

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