Death Penalty

Should the death penalty be practiced? How long should one wait on death row, minimum and maximum time? Should it be nationally legal/illegal or decided by states?


4 Comments on “Death Penalty”

  1. gregw89 Says:

    I believe that the death penalty should be legal, but with certain stipulations. First, convicts who have either admitted to their crimes or have been convicted on undeniable dna evidence should be executed much quicker than those who have not admitted guilt and have situations in which there is a chance of wrongful conviction.

    Those in the former category should be executed within one year of conviction, eliminating unnecessary tax money spent on providing their needs. Those in the latter category should be given a fairly longer time on death row, but no more than five years, during which they can appeal their case.

    A requirement for receiving the death penalty should be that the convict either deliberately killed one or more people or purposely harmed others in a substantial way.

    I believe that it should be a national law, opposed to a state law.

  2. whitelocust Says:

    I agree with greg.

  3. I used to support the death penalty. Today, my gut just tells me its wrong and barbaric. How do two wrongs make a right??

  4. Hikaru Says:

    “He who fights with monsters might take care, lest he thereby become a monster” do we really want to punish murderers by becoming murderers ourselves? the reason they’re being punished is because they took a human life, if we do the same to them how do we justify punishing them.

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