Drug/Alcohol Legalization

What should the laws be regarding legalization of alcohol and drugs? Which drugs should be illegal and if legal, what, if any, rules should they have?


4 Comments on “Drug/Alcohol Legalization”

  1. gregw89 Says:

    I believe that alcohol should be legal, along with marijuana. These both should be taxed appropriately and available only to those 21+. Harmful drugs such as cocaine, meth, lsd, and others should be illegal and used only if they have been undoubtedly found to have medical benefits, in which case the health industry should regulate their distribution and use.

  2. whitelocust Says:

    All drugs should be legal, along with mandatory drug testing with every employer/employee. If you choose to scramble your brains, you don’t get medical treatment when you OD. Thanks for checking out early leaving room for the rest of us who can live with ourselves in reality.

    • gregw89 Says:

      First, doctors are bound by oath to preserve as many lives as possible, and I don’t see your proposition having any legality. I agree that all hard drugs should be illegal, but I do not believe that marijuana should be in that category. The cons FAR outweigh the pros in making it illegal.

      1) Perpetuating war on drugs (waste of taxpayer’s money)
      2) Making it easy for unproductive people to earn a living by selling it
      3) Creating danger in the form of drug deals in back alleys, etc.
      4) Giving too much power to large criminal enterprises (Mexican drug lords)
      5) Overcrowding jails with nonviolent marijuana smokers
      6) Creating “rebels” out of marijuana smokers rather than normal people (as alcohol does today)
      7) Many more, but each of these hold so much weight that just one of them is enough of a reason to rethink the legality of marijuana

      1) Less accessible to people (people are still going to find it, which leads to the aforementioned #3)
      2) People are less willing to be high in public (though people smoking marijuana are less likely to cause disturbances than drunk people, and that’s not even a major problem)
      3) There may be others, but they are so inconsequential that they hold no weight

  3. danielg92 Says:

    Any prohibition of any substance is a violation of the libertarian axiom of the natural right to self-ownership. If I own my body, then I have the right to complete control over what it does and does not consume. When the government outlaws a substance, it violates my right to self-ownership as it claims partial ownership over my body by enforcing its prohibition.

    Therefore, the government ought to lift it’s bans on all currently illegal substances and allow me the freedom to do with my body what I will and the responsibility to handle the consequences of my decisions. There should be no arbitrary age limits, parents should be responsible for their children until the children leave the household to become self-sustaining adults.

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