Environmental Regulation

Should the environment be regarded as a top priority? Should clean energy be researched and implemented at any cost necessary? How tough should environmental laws be and to what extent should it be the citizen’s responsibility instead of the energy companies?


2 Comments on “Environmental Regulation”

  1. gregw89 Says:

    With the amount of energy used each day in the world, it is inevitable that the current methods of fossil fuel and natural gas will not sustain an ever-increasing population forever. This is along with the fact that the aforementioned methods release pollution into the air that is both bad for our health directly, through the air, and through effects of changes in the earth’s climate.

    Practical methods of clean energy should be of utmost importance to the government and there should be more incentives for companies and people to search for clean energy methods. Magnetic or alternative transportation, renewable energy, and cleaner fuels should be integrated into society by tough government environmental regulations.

    I believe that the citizen should not be held accountable for polluting the air while driving a gas-ran car if the car company does not create any alternatives. The companies who are in charge of energy and transportation should be mandate to create better products and methods. The government should be responsible for mandating these companies.

  2. whitelocust Says:

    no mandates, market forces of supply and demand, a free and open trade of ideas and information, supported by true capitalism. No government needed, except maybe some incentive like tax breaks.

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