Gay Marriage

Should gays be allowed to legally marry? Should the national government be ultimately responsible for this decision or leave it up to the states? If it is legal, should it be legally identical to straight marriages, or have different rules?


6 Comments on “Gay Marriage”

  1. gregw89 Says:

    I see no reason as to why gay people should be denied to marry. By allowing them to marry, exactly as straight people do, it does no harm to anybody else and does not interfere with others’ lives. I believe most objectors of this policy base their decisions upon those of their religion, which effectively mixes religion with government, of which I oppose.

    Another controversial subject regarding gay rights is their right to adopt children. This obviously does interfere with others’ lives, i.e. the child’s. Personally, I believe it should be more difficult for gays to be able to adopt children than for straight couples, as this may substantially affect the child(ren) psychologically. I stop short of suggesting downright denial, but believe it should be undoubtedly proven that the gay couple would provide a good home and, if old enough, the child(ren) approve of the adoption.

    In my opinion, the states should individually have the power to create policies regarding gay marriage and adoption.

  2. ejp90 Says:

    Personally I think the entire legal institution of marriage shouldn’t be necessary. If two people want to remain in a long-term monogamous relationship, then they are able to do so without what is essentially a legally binding agreement, religious connotations aside. That said, I realize that marriage is the only thing that allows a couple to secure and share certain rights within our legal system. For that reason, I deem it necessary.

    Regarding gay marriage, I think it is immoral to refuse anyone the right to marry on the basis of sexual orientation. As you point out, it doesn’t harm anyone or infringe on others’ rights, so there is no moral reason for the state to refuse non-heterosexual couples to marry.

    I have to disagree with you somewhat on adoption though. There is no reliable evidence to suggest that anything psychologically harmful comes from being raised by same-sex parents, nor are children raised by same-sex parents more likely to be gay. The psychological effects of parenting are enormously complex, and more research is needed, but currently I see no reason to treat adoption any differently for same-sex couples.

    • gregw89 Says:

      I agree with you that the legal institution of marriage should not be necessary, as too may couples find it more of a burden to be married than true love. As you point out, however, it is the only option for couples to securely share their possessions, etc. in our legal system. A possible solution could be different levels of marriage. For example, a first level, second level, etc. where one holds more authority than others.

      Your opinion on gay adoption is commendable, as I am all for equal rights to everybody, but as you point out, not enough research has been done on the psychological effects on children of homosexual couples. Until it has been proven that it has no negative effects on children, I find it a slippery issue.

      Of course, there are plenty of heterosexual couples who would not provide as loving a relationship to the adopted child as homosexual couples, so I’m not quite against it, but I think it should be dealt with with caution.

      There’s an interesting article on the effects of lesbian parents on their children:,8599,1994480,00.html

  3. danielg92 Says:

    I don’t believe the government should have any relationship with the institution of marriage at all. Marriage is ultimately a religious institution and I regard government involvement in this issue as harmful in two ways; 1)it now grants itself the ability to shape our culture and 2) by issuing marriage licences it is secularizing the religious institution of marriage.

    Everyone, heterosexual and homosexual should have the right to the legal benefits of a civil union, but the holy covenant of marriage should be left to religious institutions.

    Personally, I am against gay marriage because it doesn’t fit the purpose of marriage which is to be the foundation on which couples procreate. I fear gay marriage would separate the concept of procreation from committed relationships. Through this redefinition of marriage, it will become inconceivable for future generations to make a distinction between a childless committed relationship and one where the couple intends on procreating.

    Under the system I described above, some churches will allow gay marriage and others will not. I find this preferable because whichever direction our culture leans toward, it will happen under conditions of freedom and not government fiat.

    • ejp90 Says:

      I don’t understand your definition of marriage as “the foundation on which couples procreate” because that’s just not true, unless you want to make a HUGE generalization. There are plenty of married couples who never have children and unmarried couples who do. Overall, marriage has little to do with procreation. Also, your statement that future generations wouldn’t be able to distinguish between a childless relationship and one where the couple intends on procreating makes no sense to me. Are you talking about people OUTSIDE the marriage making the distinction? Because that’s really nobody’s business except the two married people’s. It’s not going to destabilize our social structure if people can’t tell if married couples intend on having kids.

  4. whitelocust Says:

    More liberal suicidal ideologies on the march. Marriage is a social construct for the creation of a stable environment (no dudes Butt-**** other dudes) for the purpose of raising children, this is not about love, or romance, that’s a modern concept that you libs created. Its for creating a future population centered on morals and code of conduct, not debauchery and a suicidal mental illness. No gay marriage, matter of fact they need to go back into the closet keep that sick shit to themselves, and maybe one day we will have a pill they can take to help them.

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