How easily should immigrants be able to obtain citizenship? Should certain counties be treated differently in the matter? Should every illegal immigrant be deported if caught? How tough should border security be?


5 Comments on “Immigration”

  1. gregw89 Says:

    A country is only as good as its people, and I believe it is wrong to assume that foreigners are not as good as its own people. Yes, there should be regulations and a legal process for entering a country and obtaining citizenship, but this process should be equal to all people, granted they are not involved in any illegal or harmful activities. This process should also not be too long and cumbersome, taking no longer than a few years for results.

    Although I believe in equal rights for foreigners, I do not believe in illegal immigration, as it does not benefit a country and places more of a burden on the country. Therefore, if one chooses to skip the process of citizenship and enter a country illegally, I believe they should be immediately deported.

    The borders of a country should be enforced as tough as possible, in order to ensure that people are not tempted to illegally cross a border.

  2. danielg92 Says:

    The only way for us to ensure that immigrants are not engaged in illegal or harmful activities is to ensure that all immigrants go through customs before entering the country. Therefore, restrictions on illegal immigration must be enforced.

    Besides, if we grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, is that not giving them preference over Koreans? After all, amnesty for Mexican nationals would in effect give preferential treatment to Mexicans over Koreans simply by virtue of geographic proximity.

    • gregw89 Says:

      I agree that all immigrants should go through customs before entering the county, but more importantly the border patrol must be strong enough to stop the flow of immigrants sneaking over the border.

      I don’t see any reason to worry about equalizing the amount of Korean immigrants with that of Mexicans. Korea is much further away and on another continent, therefore it is inevitable that more Mexicans will arrive in the US.

      As long as all immigrants are treated with the same policies and rules for obtaining amnesty, with he exceptions of enemies in times of war, it is a fair system.

  3. danielg92 Says:

    To be clear, I didn’t mean we should equalize the number of Korean immigrants with Mexican immigrants, merely that both should be treated equally under immigration law.

    It seems to me that we’ve reached an agreement on this one, Greg.

  4. whitelocust Says:

    Someone please turn on the No Vacancy sign. We are full, and you greenies should be on top of this.

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