Lobbyist Regulations

Should interest groups/companies be regulated on the use of lobbyists? Should lobbying be illegal? If legal, should every interest group be entitled to a lobbyist even if they can’t afford one?


2 Comments on “Lobbyist Regulations”

  1. gregw89 Says:

    Lobbying, from my perspective, is companies/interest groups pestering government officials for money, legislation, or resources by sending people to government buildings to get officials’ attention. Obviously, those with the most money will be able to send the most lobbyists and therefore receive the most benefits.

    This seems like a corrupt system because that means that companies/interest groups who may only benefit very few are able to have more of a voice than others that do more good for society.

    The regulations on lobbying should therefore be as fair as possible across the board, and if a group/interest group meets set requirements, they should be assigned a lobbyist, similar to a public defender for the accused.

  2. whitelocust Says:

    Term restrictions on all politicians, one term everyone. No reelection to worry about. A bribe is a bribe, any questions?

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