Should the government interfere with monetary inheritance to children? Should every child begin with the same amount of money? Should there be a flat amount of money each child has until reaching adulthood?


4 Comments on “Inheritance”

  1. gregw89 Says:

    I believe that children should be able to inherit their parent’s money and/or assets. However, I believe that there should be a limit to how much may be inherited by each child. Of course, I would recommend a substantial portion be inheritable, but not too much that would most likely be used for unproductive things.

    Granted, some children would use the money and/or assets for good things, but I see no reason to leave children with an unnecessary amount of money when that money could be used for more productive and beneficial things.

    A standard allowance should be dispersed to children under 18 who’s parents cannot provide one for them.

  2. whitelocust Says:

    So money I paid taxes on, that I was compensated for time work, and now my life is over, here comes the tyrants with their hand out? Who is to say what is unproductive, communist pig. Are bullets and guns for the slaughter of communist pigs unproductive? More government control of our lives. Damn I can’t wait until this crap blows up in your collective faces, See you soon.

    • gregw89 Says:

      As long as the government is OUR government and adheres to OUR needs, I see no problem in supporting it, as it is a mutually beneficial relationship. Because OUR government lays the foundations for people to earn ridiculous amounts of money, it should be a sort of thank you gesture in providing a “fraction” of one’s wealth after death to that same government.

      • danielg92 Says:

        Government is by its nature violent and coercive. In the end, all of its statutes are enforced with one form of coercion or another. And we are slaves on its plantation in proportion to the amount of our income that it takes from us. The government only lays the foundations for the creation of wealth insofar as it protects property rights and doesn’t strangle the economy through regulation. Besides a minimal tax necessary to maintain law and order, the government has no legitimate claim to anyone’s income or inheritance.

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