Job Availability

Should there be a certain amount of jobs that must be available at all times? Should the government demand local companies to provide a certain number of local jobs depending on their size? Should the government make it easier to be hired and/or tougher to be fired?


4 Comments on “Job Availability”

  1. whitelocust Says:

    how about we allow the natural market forces of supply and demand determine the Availability of Jobs.

    • gregw89 Says:

      I believe it is a little more complicated than that. If the government is permitting companies to hire foreigners, discriminate in their hiring and under-hire, then that is not being fair to the citizens and job-seekers of the country.

      • danielg92 Says:

        The government should stay out of it completely. All individuals have a natural right to choose to or not to engage in voluntary contracts with other individuals. I despise both discrimination and affirmative action, but in the private arena both of these practices must be allowed to ensure the government doesn’t interfere with private contracts. Employers have the right to set stupid and unfair criteria for possible employees. And let them fail when their bad economic decisions catch up with them.

        The private sector has no economic incentive to discriminate. I work as a salesman for a major cutlery company. All of our advertising is done through word-of-mouth. I have noticed at the office that many of my coworkers are Spanish-speaking Latinos. The company I work for has not made any xenophobic efforts to discriminate against them. Nor do they need an overarching government to prevent them from doing so. The white English speakers such as myself can only sell to the English speaking population. By hiring Latinos, we are able to expand our potential market for customers to the Spanish-speaking population. This means more sales for the company and of course more money in the pockets of the managers. Discriminating based on ethnicity can only hurt us.

  2. Heather Says:

    The government needs to get out of the job creation business. But at the same time, the government needs to eliminate about 90% of it’s laws which inhibit the ability for new businesses to start up and flourish. If the gigantic tax-payer subsidised corporations had a legitimate run for their money from small startups that can more nimbly respond to customers individual needs-they might just find their own need to bring customer service back to the land of the native english speakers.

    The government’s attempts to create jobs with stimulus incentives and laws is a dangerous trend. When we’ve printed enough money to pay for enough infrastructure improvements to last 10 years we’ll just have to create more wars to keep people employed, or perhaps the government can mandate that every convenience store hire it’s own bathroom attendant.

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