What services should the government provide to those who are struggling financially? Should aid be strictly monetary or also goods (i.e. shelter, food, etc.)? Should there be limits to how long one may receive benefits and should the aid be increased/decreased according to situation?


5 Comments on “Welfare”

  1. gregw89 Says:

    Welfare, I believe, is only necessary in a society that does not truly provide the necessities to its citizens. I believe that government should offer housing, amenities, and a small allowance for those who choose to use them. This can be described as welfare, but I view it as an alternative lifestyle, for those who would rather live with purely the necessities and don’t or can’t work to achieve bigger housing and/or other luxuries.

    These resources should be offered at all times and should be adjusted to meet the current standards of society. The standards should be uniform throughout the nation, not differing from person to person, unless special circumstances, such as disability, are present.

  2. danielg92 Says:

    I can support meager welfare programs to provide the poor with the bare minimum necessary for a healthy lifestyle. That means structurally sound housing with the basic utilities, food stamps, basic healthcare, education, and programs to help recipients find jobs.

    However, it is unacceptable to make this an alternative lifestyle. There is no morally acceptable way to take the money that successful citizens make to support capable people who simply don’t want to work.

    • gregw89 Says:

      I see your view as somewhat conflicting. If you believe in programs for the poor to secure a healthy lifestyle, what would stop people from becoming poor on purpose for these programs?

      • danielg92 Says:

        To stop people from becoming poor on purpose for those programs is to keep the benefits at a minimum necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Such programs are designed to promote safety, but not comfort.

        All economic activity stems from the individual’s perception that he can improve his comfort by taking one course of action or another. If you are a recipient and you want a car, so you don’t have to take the bus, then you will need a job to make enough money to buy one.

  3. whitelocust Says:

    End all welfare. No social security, no medical, no more free stuff, someone has to pay for it. If you are homeless you live in a large open building, separated by male and female, and your kids go to military school. You can live in this open, no privacy, no TV, no sex facility, as long as you want, and after a while maybe a pill to make sure you don’t have little version of yourselves. I’m sure you will find away to get a job, and support your family if that was your only option like the rest of us.

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