How involved should the government be in education? Should schools have a national standard that must be met (i.e. new books, number of teachers, etc.)? Should all schools, including college, be provided free? Should the government be required to fund school districts that are financially in trouble?


2 Comments on “Education”

  1. gregw89 Says:

    I believe that education is one of the most important aspects of a society. Therefore, I believe that free education should be offered from pre-school through college. Graduate students should be allowed to apply for aid/scholarships. Private schools should also be allowed, offering education with various emphasis, such as religion, ethnicities, etc. These private schools must still adhere to national standards of education.

  2. danielg92 Says:

    I would prefer the complete privatization of education.

    On utilitarian grounds, private schools consistently produce superior students at a lower cost per student.

    On moral grounds, there is the hazard of public schools offering the government the opportunity to indoctrinate students to support its actions. Economics classes consistently present a Keynesian perspective and History classes slant left-ward. The elimination of state standards could eliminate this.

    Compulsory education laws should be eliminated for two reasons; 1) People have a natural right to choose whether to consume a product or not. 2) Children who are forced to attend school by the state probably have parents who are not in the least concerned about their performance, most likely reap no benefits from sitting in class, and can only be an externality (bully) to other students. It would be best to allow unwilling students to leave the classroom.

    Regarding students who cannot afford to attend school, but who want an education, private schools and private corporations can be relied upon to voluntarily offer generous amounts of financial aid, most private colleges already do this. If this fails, then as a last resort I could support government aid programs.

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